Thursday, July 8, 2010

usaha tangga kejayaan!!!

One of the most noticeable and repetitive problems students have in the beginning of their training is breaking techniques and the ability to consistently hit the kicking targets during classes.

There are 3 basic fundamentals that are easily overlooked when attempting to either complete a break successfully or hit a kicking target in class.

  1. You must always concentrate and focus on the center of the board or target.

  2. Acquire the board or target with your eyes (get your head around etc.), and then complete your technique.

  3. Follow through with your technique. Continue the hand or foot technique past your target.

Two helpful target training exercises will enable you to hit the targets or break your boards with remarkable results.

  1. Practice with a partner on your own time, not just in class. Purchase a kicking paddle and work on your techniques at home.

  2. I hang a kicking paddle from a screw in my basement overhead on a bungee cord, which allows you to raise & lower the target to different heights and practice on your own.

Remember to focus on the target, acquire the target/board with your eyes and follow all the way through the target with the technique. Your hands and feet will follow your eyes!!!

John Mikelonis
1st Dan Black Belt (WTF)

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